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You’ve had your demonstration meeting and you’re still a few members short of chartering. Until you charter, though, you don’t have access to tools like Free Toast Host which your home club uses extensively for meeting agendas, email lists, scheduling tools, and your club website which can help you attract those few remaining members you need.

What’s a club to do during that interim period? Good news, there are lots of free tools available to keep you rolling and get you to your 20th member and a successful charter. And then you can get your Free Toast Host website and employ those tools.

Meeting Agenda
This Club Meeting Agenda is available as a Microsoft Word document from the Resource Library at The agenda is also a nice takeaway for guests.

Website & Online Presence
Blogger¬†provides free and easy to use websites and is owned by Google. If you have a Gmail or Google account, you already have everything you need to set up a Blogger website. A nice thing about Blogger is that you can use it before you get your official club name and spend money on a domain. My home club got started on Blogger eight years ago and we’ve just stuck with it because of the ease of use and great results from Google search engines.

Facebook¬†is, of course, another great tool for online marketing and it’s free.

Email List
Google Groups is another free tool from Google that gives you the ability to have an email list for your club. Like Blogger, all you need is a Gmail address or Google account and you’re all set to get started.