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Districts have a lot of information to store: District Council minutes, contracts for conferences, district property inventories, District Success Plans, etc. These need to be passed on from year to year. Then there are those files which would be nice to store and pass on: Area Director reports, photos that can be used for future marketing (member headshots, club group shots,) and more.

Keeping all of these items in a secure, online location makes it easy to keep up with and pass on from one administration to the next.

Of the four suggestions I listed below, one really stands out in my mind as the best: Google Drive. All are good options. And DropBox is very popular. But the sheer number of benefits that come with Google Drive make it the hands-down winner in my book for districts looking to keep files stored online.

Here’s why:

  • More free storage than the others: 15 Gig. That’s a lot of files and photos.
  • Comes with G Suite (Microsoft Office-like applications that can be used in your browser) so you can edit documents and spreadsheets right in the cloud.
  • Comes with a Gmail account.
  • Files are easily shared with anyone who has a Gmail or Google account (and those are free.)
  • Easy to use interface.


Create a single share folder that you can share with the entire Trio plus the PRM, Finance Manager, and Administration manager. Create folders underneath that for things like Photos, DC Meetings, Trio Meetings, Conferences, etc. And then start storing your files in them.

When the year is over, simply give the new district officers access to the shared folder and remove the old district officers. All of the documents can be passed on to the new team in just a matter of minutes.

Several Options for Online Storage

  • Google Drive
    • 15 Gig free
    • Comes with Gmail
    • Includes G Suite tools for managing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc
    • Files easily shared with anyone who has a Gmail account
    • No special apps required, everything is browser based
  • Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)
    • 5 Gig free
    • Upgrade to 50 Gig for $1.99 USD per month
    • Everything can be done in a browser and it’s easier if you if you have an Office 365 account.
  • DropBox
    • 2 Gig free
    • Everything can be done browser based but it’s easier if you install the software
  • Box
    • 10 Gig free
    • Everything can be done browser based but it’s easier if you install the software