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When my District Director year was over half over, I got one of the best club building tips I’ve ever heard. I pass this tip on every chance I get.

Who knows the members and businesses in the locals areas of your district? Your Area Directors, of course.

Ask each Area Director to provide you with one qualified* new club lead in the first quarter of the year. Let them know that they don’t necessarily need to build the club, although they can certainly be involved. The Area Directors just need to provide the lead and then the Club Growth Director, Club Extension Chair, and their team can turn the lead into a newly chartered club.

Coach your Area Directors on how to develop these leads, and you’ll start the year with a long list of warm leads.

* A qualified lead is one where the provider has given you more than just the name of a business. The lead should come with the name of a person who has already been contacted and had at least a brief discussion about Toastmasters and the benefits of a club at their business or location. I generally ask for:

  • The name & phone number of the person to contact.
  • The business name and number of employees (if it’s a corporate club.)
  • The special purpose for the club (if discussed.)
  • A brief description of the conversation that the lead provider had with the contact.


This tip was provided by Alfred Herzing, DTM – 2001-02 International President of Toastmasters International