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Membership building is a year-round process for Toastmasters clubs. The three membership building contests – Smedley Award in August and September, Talk Up Toastmasters in February and March, and Beat the Clock in May and June – are a great time to focus on membership building. The other six months are also a great time to build membership.

Here are some ideas for building membership in your club:

  1. Hold a Speechcraft.
  2. Hold an Open House.
  3. Hold a Visitors’ Day and ask each member to invite 10 guests by sending personalized, handwritten notes.
  4. Take marketing materials to nearby businesses. If you need help selling Toastmasters to businesses, take a look at this list of Corporate Skills Learned in Toastmasters.
  5. Visit nearby neighborhood association meetings and ask to give a presentation about Toastmasters.
  1. Visit employment firms near your office and let them know how your club might help their clients.
  2. Sponsor a Toastmasters booth at a local job fair, trade show, or craft fair. Contact your district officers and see if the district would be willing to help.
  3. Many local television news programs have “around town” segments. Invite them to visit your Toastmasters club.
  4. Make sure your club is listed with your local Chamber of Commerce and on other event listing websites.
  5. Hold a social event for your club in a public place (a bowling alley, a fun run, etc) and have everyone wear matching Toastmasters T-shirts.

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