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MailChimp is an excellent email blast tool for Toastmasters districts or, really, anyone. I use it for my personal business, I’ve signed clients up for it, and my home district uses it. There are links below to MailChimp and some online tutorials.

Email Campaign Template (click image for full size)

If you have 2,000 or fewer email list subscribers and send out 12,000 or fewer emails per month*, you can use MailChimp and most of its services for free. My home district has about 1500 members at last count so we easily fit inside the limit. For larger districts, your list could be split up by division or a geographic split like “north half” and “south half.”

* Note: If you have a full 2,000 subscribers you can email your entire list up to six times per month. That’s a lot of emails. I don’t recommend emailing your district that often. Once a week is a nice number. In an emergency (like an email blast went out with the wrong information,) you might do a second email blast in a single week.

MailChimp allows for full branding within the email tool. Use the District Email Banner (link below) at the top of your emails for a professional look. Once you have a layout or several that you like, store them as templates and use them over and over so that you do not have to insert the email header, your website link, your Facebook link, and other items that will consistently show up in every email.

The reports are very useful for seeing how your content is doing and if you need to tweak it.

Email Blast Report (click image for full size)

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