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Club excellence has many facets and there are many ways to help train clubs to achieve it. There are links below to training resources. Here are a few topics to get the conversation started.

Clubs hoping to¬†achieve excellence will …

  • Reflect up on the club mission and ensure that the club is living up to it.
    • “We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”
  • Make the meetings enjoyable. As Ralph Smedley said, “We learn best in moments of enjoyment.” The club doesn’t have to be funny, but it should be enjoyable.
  • Ensure that officers are trained. Clubs that get at least four officers trained during both the summer and winter training periods are far more likely to achieve Distinguished status than clubs that do not achieve the Distinguished Club Program’s training requirement.
  • Have an ongoing membership building campaign. They may emphasize membership building during the Smedley Award, Talk Up Toastmasters, and Beat the Clock campaigns, but attention is paid to membership building year round. Clubs that are below 20 members will have a plan to reach 20. Those at 20 or above will have a plan to continue growing and offset losses.
  • Notify members well in advance of upcoming events and deadlines. Things like club schedules, contests, social events, and dues payments should be publicized to members as soon as possible and repeated.
  • Keep to the meeting agenda by starting and ending on time as well as following a consistent program that includes manual speeches and valuable evaluations.
  • Strive to consistently deliver great member experiences.

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